About Us

CNES is a merger by and between Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) Public Company Limited (CNT), one of the Oldest Construction Company in Thailand and a group of Comitted Professionals in the sector of Energy Efficiency Enhancement for improved sustainability. CNES, by virtue of CNT being the Major share-holder is an integral part of illustrious GP Group.

Introducing the Founding CEO

  • Holds a Masters Degree in Wind Engineering & Structural Dynamics
  • Construction and Enhanced Sustainability Professional
  • Visionary, Public Speaker, Author, Structural Engineer and Entrepreneur
  • More than 100 projects experience in engineering and energy sector in multiple countries
  • Authored 5 international engineering text books featuring as preferred reading in Wikipedia
  • A Prominent Speaker in International Events pertaining to Design-Construction-Renewable Energy
  • Formerly Group CBDO of Ritta Co., Ltd and Founder of its Energy Brand Thai Global Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Founding Chairman of DASS Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Life Motto: "Learn and Improve Fast Everyday ..."

Organization Chart

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Board of Directors

Executive Director

Chairman of the Board, Executive Director

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Executive Director

Key Executives

Co-Founder,CEO & Managing Director

Hon. Chief Advisor to the CEO

Sr. Executive Manager; Operations

Sr. Executive Manager; Technical Affairs

Sr Manager, Project Administration

Sr. Commercial Manager

Consulting Manager, Technical & Govt. Agencies Affairs